CSI @SIM2012

An interactive CSI prototype has been presented at the Johannes Kepler University's study information fair 2012 (http://sim.jku.at/) featuring a Microsoft Surface table functioning as an input device for various traffic elements represented by model cars.

By positioning these model cars onto the table, the reasoning capability of our CSI system can be explored in an interactive fashion, as critical situations emerge and can be resolved in real-time.

Furthermore, the collaborative nature of our system becomes evident as two additional screens represent the isolated views of the highway authority and the public transportation authority, which might undertake non-optimal traffic control actions due to incomplete information of their environment. We exemplify on this by presenting a scenario where the public transportation authority aims to establish a rail replacement bus service as consequence of a derailed tram blocking a major railway route, and decides to route this bus service partly over the highway, as this normally represents the fastest route. However, the public transportation authority is not aware that at the same time an accident on the highway has led to a vast traffic jam, which would mean their replacement bus would also get stuck in the traffic jam, probably leading to a total collapse of public transportation. By presenting the integrated information of both authorities on the Surface table, the benefits of our CSI system compared to the isolated views becomes apparant at a glance, as the public transportation authority gets informed by the CSI system that routing the rail replacement bus service over the highway would lead to a critical situation regarding the maintenance of public transport, which is shown on the Surface table, and can choose an alternative route.