A prototype from the field of traffic management is crucial for CSI to demonstrate the feasibility of our approach. The development of this prototype has been started from an early stage of the project, and is continually refined based on the valuable feedback provided by our demonstrators.

Detailed information regarding past demo presentations can be found on the Press/Media/PR page.

A few screenshots depicting the current stage of our prototype implementation:

The following screenshot of CSI's GUI shows real-world traffic data as observed by Austria's highway agency ASFINAG. Among the mass of displayed information, situations, which require an operator's immediate attention, are highlighted by dedicated red icons. These situatons are automatically derived by CSI's reasoning engine, which continuously analyzes the incoming information streams for such critical event combinations.

The user can further vary the amount and granularity of visualized information by choosing from a hierarchically organized set of layers, which can be blended in and out on demand. 

Screenshot of our CSI GUI exhibiting real-world traffic data from Austria's highways, and the situations CSI derived thereupon. 

If a specific situation should be further examined, the situation can be expanded to exhibit its contributing objects. Additional information is provided on demand via pop-up windows.

Expanding a situation.

We further investigated on visualization concepts which are suitable of providing an overview of all ongoing and past situations. A radial visualization concept termed the Situation Radar (please consult our Publications for a detailed description of this visualization concept) can be used as additional monitoring interface. 


A screenshot of CSI's situation radar.

If used on a dedicated device, such as a tablet, it can also function as intuitive navigation element, as we have demonstrated in various presentations.

Demo System Setup