The ultimate vision driving our project CSI is effective collaboration in distributed control systems which should lead at the very end to optimal decisions about control measures. As a first viable step towards this vision, the main goal of CSI is to leve-rage collaborative situation awareness by proposing novel semantic-based methods and technologies demonstrated by means of a prototype and case study in the domain of inter-modal urban traffic management. In this way, CSI shall serve as research vehicle and test bed and, at the same time, as showcase for a succeeding industrial exploitation. Motivated by this overall research focus, CSI stretches over three unique but highly interwoven key re-search goals, grounded on our findings from BeAware! and cross-cutting the three levels of situation awareness, perception, comprehension and projection.

Architecture of CSI

Firstly, operators should be supported in gaining relevant perspectives on mutually affecting situations and control measures, providing the prerequisite for effective collaboration. Secondly, scalable collaborative situation awareness should be ensured to cope with a vast amount of independently managed information. Finally, domain experts should be enabled to co-evolve situation awareness across authorities, thus adapting to ever changing environments.